References you can contact

Susan Atfield 0837755957 Build walls, plaster and painting

Leon Roets 0824439545 Building, plastering painting

Pieter Smith 0828218504 Custom wood work, plumbing

Flowcrete Rob 0113941980 Drywall, painting, electrical

Miss Behr 0823574166 Building, plastering, aluminum doors and windows

Litsa Clifford   0832797119Bathroom renovation, building, plastering, tilling

Simon 0834669789 Bathroom Renovation< Kitchen refurbish, painting,tilling

Jan 0829276376 Bathroom renovation

Alan Lambert 0823165052 Building, plastering, plumbing, painting renovating of bathroom, BIC

XolaniGamata 0828054801 building, aluminium windows, painting plastering

Heidi Klum 0823437895 building painting tilling general repairs

Kim Allan 0833097732 building, plastering, painting, general maintenance

Darryl Naidoo 0724773305 building, gates, painting, electrical

Chantelle 0837049922 building wall

FransKiesk0823038266 Painting

Jeremy 0825469585 painting, tiling renovation of flats

Jacque 0846527835 Painting Plumbing Repair walls, floors

John 0834525197 Painting

Michael 0844297000 Painting

Savvas 0825563213 electrical,painting,doors

Rianna Tauter Painting and Plastering 0763712701

Nicky 0823777457 Painting

Graig 0793090812 Paving